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Campaign Strategy Motion + Video Information Graphics

The arrival of Covid-19 caused an immediate sea change in the way we work. Shared spaces, office airflow and other previously unseen dangers to fellow co-workers left offices dark. To address these unexpected shifts into isolation and the home office, our presentation Thriving Workplace was pieced together in close collaboration with Knoll's research teams, albeit with complete design freedom. Meet us at the virtual water cooler and we’ll talk you through it.

The Challenge: Rejig and Rethink

From our home studios in lockdown, we yearned for movement and community. Thriving Workplace was created in a period of continually shifting restriction and response. How do we collaborate with our teams no longer at the next desk but scattered across town? How does a workplace continue to thrive when desks are empty and the lights are off?

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Solution 1: A Tactical Response

Knoll’s researchers snapped into quick action to study the repercussions surrounding a snap shift to remote work. Furthermore, what would a return to the office actually look like? Working in back-and-forth partnership with Knoll, we clarified and streamlined their Research Team’s insight and projections into evergreen multi-use materials.

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Solution 2: Taking Matter to ♥

Inspired by Herbert Matter’s iconic collage work for the company, we created a series of layered photomontages covering broad themes of mindfulness, togetherness, solitude, self-care, survival and–yes even that–a still thriving workplace. Yet, a concept so abstract required a similarly abstract design response. Nothing was concrete, not even the visuals.

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Solution 3: The New Normal (or: We Have Feelings Too)

Thriving Workplaces marked an unexpected global pivot, demanding nimble joint reaction. Together, we leaned into the feeling of the moment. Through shared processing of our new working realities, we developed graphic approaches to actionable change through motion, video and animation.

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Result: Shared Realities, Shared Response

Thriving Workplaces established Knoll as a model prototype, prompting change through conversation and presentation. Forming a cornerstone of Knoll’s company-wide approach to a rapidly-shifting landscape, we assisted both Knoll’s interior teams and their wider client base to cope with the radical shifts in life- and work-style after Miss ‘Rona moved in. While assembled as a one-off internal presentation, Thriving Workplaces’ initial impact led to its continued use as an annual campaign for external audiences as well.

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Creative Direction

Research & Content
Kylie Roth
Tracy Wymer

Production and Animation
Ana Santiago
Asad Pervaiz